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School & Cow Elk Hunt Package


Date & Time

April 18th – May 1st


HB Ranch, Bowie, TX

Event Contact

Coby Sisco – (817) 713-6686

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Cockhouse Lodge, Navajo, NM, USA


Q. Where is this event located?
A. Cockhouse Lodge in Navajo City, NM (45 minutes from Durang, CO)


Wilderness Outfitter Production

(Derek Martin) (505) 330-9776


Lodging and meals provided.


Best of the West is a pioneer in long-range hunting and shooting, and was the first company to develop custom long-range shooting systems and optics more than a decade ago.
Attendees will learn from top instructors in a combination classroom and range setting.

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Related Events

BOTWAZ Long-Range Shooting Event – April

April 24th, 2022

Tucson, AZ

You WILL improve your long-range shooting skills with this course using our Best of the West and Huskemaw Optics shooting systems. Please don’t book another hunt until you have attended this course!

You’ll be amazed at what you're capable of after you've attended our school. No need to take a multi-day class because our systems are the easiest long-range hunting systems to learn. Students will use our legendary Best of the West and Huskemaw long-range systems shooting out to 1,000 yards! We will cover long-range hunting & ethics, internal & external ballistics, doping the wind, target acquisition, the shooter/spotter relationship and so much more!

Lunch and water provided. We anticipate an instructor to student ratio of 2:1. We will be under shaded canopies but incidental sun exposure for extended periods is possible. Please consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, light snack foods and any non-alcoholic beverages you prefer. Students are encouraged to bring their own optics/tripods and range finders.

8-hour class, $575, includes lunch.

Trigger Time LLC 5th Annual Shooting Event – April

April 18th - May 1st 2022

Spencer, WV

Our annual Long Range School with Best of the West Shooting systems is fast approaching this April 18th - May 1st. There are 15 different One day courses at 399.00 for the class. This is a full day event with powerpoint presentation in the morning. This presentation will discuss internal and external ballistics, reading the wind, and multiple other topics to discuss when engaging targets at longer distances!