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BOTW Long-Range Shooting Event – April

July 30th, 2022 & August 7th

Avondale, CO

Best of the West is a pioneer in long-range hunting and shooting, and was the first company to develop custom long-range shooting systems and optics more than a decade ago.
Attendees will learn from top instructors in a combination classroom and range setting.


  • Internal and external ballistics
  • Shooter / spotter team techniques
  • Doping wind techniques
  • Rifle accuracy engineering
  • Uphill / downhill angle shooting
  • Interpreting animal body language at long range
  • Shot placement for high-BC bullets
  • Proper gear for long-range hunting

Trigger Time LLC 5th Annual Shooting Event – April

April 18th – May 1st 2022

Spencer, WV

Our annual Long Range School with Best of the West Shooting systems is fast approaching this April 18th - May 1st. There are 15 different One day courses at 399.00 for the class. This is a full day event with powerpoint presentation in the morning. This presentation will discuss internal and external ballistics, reading the wind, and multiple other topics to discuss when engaging targets at longer distances!